SE3 Partners can help you cut through the detail to interpret the SCIENCE, establish the STRATEGY, and design the EDUCATION.

Strategic Planning

  • Facilitate prelaunch, annual, and future indication planning
  • Conduct market and competitor assessments
  • Design and lead strategy and positioning efforts
  • Create integrated, cross-channel commercial plans and strategically-aligned tactics

MapIt strategic planning unites your team to assess the current state, define an optimal future state, and map a direct path to success. Group and individual input, scientific and market research, customer habits and practices, and market dynamics are synthesized to create a strategic plan supporting optimal use. Let’s talk about using MapIt to drive your winning plan.


Creating an evocative, differentiated position is essential to brand optimization. OwnIt brings organization and leadership to your positioning efforts, helping guide thinking, research, brainstorming, and outputs. SE3Partners provides a brand-specific approach that aligns with stakeholder needs, creates and facilitates workshops, and develops positioning. Contact us to leverage OwnIt for your brand.


Best intentions to align strategy with activities often fall short during tactical planning. With PlanIt, we work with your teams to create channel-specific objectives and design innovative tactics that link customer needs with brand offerings. PlanIt provides the foundation that keeps efforts on track, evaluates ideas against strategies, leverages integration opportunities, and monitors progress to keep activities on time and within budget. Find out more about PlanIt for your brand.


Getting tactics off the ground can be a huge effort. The satisfaction at their culmination can quickly be replaced with the next priority, leading to suboptimal program evaluation. With MeasureIt, SE3Partners builds evaluation tools into program design so you can measure experiences and impact, and compare outcomes with other tactics. Contact us to learn how MeasureIt can help you.

Community Building

  • Create motivated elite, national, and regional scientific communities
  • Support action-oriented, mutually beneficial relationships
  • Chart the course for organizational collaborations
Clinical Collaboration Counsel

Building opinion leader relationships is essential, but advisory boards alone do not make an effective partnership. Long-term approaches to mutually beneficial collaborations are required. Clinical Collaboration Counsel draws on SE3 Partners’ unprecedented experience in opinion leader partnerships to create sustainable, collaborative relationships that drive brand success. Contact us to learn more about Clinical Collaboration Counsel.


It’s challenging to cut through the requests for your sponsorship dollars. Is there a direct ROI on congress support? How do you determine the best use of limited resources? Will saying no damage relationships? With SmartPartner, we provide the research, planning, and tactics to strategically and efficiently utilize your sponsorship resources. Contact us to learn how SmartPartner can optimize organizational partnerships.


Opinion leader databases are an industry mainstay, but effective information use across stakeholders is often limited, resulting in missed opportunities. SE3 Partners’ experience with a spectrum of platforms has culminated in MDInfoMax services, designed to assess your system, create strategically-aligned improvements, and enact activities that maximize tools and information. Contact Us to discuss how to capture the full potential of MD information.


ConnectionPoints merges market research and advisory settings to illuminate gaps in patient-provider communication, create clinical support tools, and bolster relationships. ConnectionPoints puts clinicians in an active listening role as they observe patient focus groups and then engage in an advisory discussion to develop materials for bridging communication gaps. Contact Us to see how ConnectionPoints can move clinical opinion and augment care.

Confidence Based Learning

With increasing limits on speaker use, the need to create informed, confident presenters is more important than ever. Traditional training relies on didactic lectures, falling short of the interactive education required to create brand leaders. In partnership with Knowledge Factor’s proprietary learning system, SE3 Partners creates customized Confidence Based Learning modules to improve effectiveness. Contact us to turn speakers into powerful advocates.

Speaker Alliance

Are your speakers linked to strategy and addressing key issues? Do you allocate funding equally across the sales team or prioritize areas that increase ROI? To augment speaker effectiveness, put SE3 Partners’ decades of experience to work with Speaker Alliance. We develop compensation fair market valuations, integrate speaker bureaus into brand plans, and create customized approaches to content, training, and programming to maximize your spend. Contact us to get started with Speaker Alliance.

Scientific Compendia

  • Establish the lexicon for disease state, approaches to care, competitors, and brand
  • Identify preferred citations to support every scientific communication
  • Map the optimal concept progression to support brand positioning
Scientific Lexicon

Without a common language, brand communications become disjointed and lose impact. In Scientific Lexicon, SE3Partners interprets the literature, market dynamics, and approaches to care through your brand lens, creating a compendium of statements and citations organized by topic. Scientific Lexicon ensures team members are equipped with an accurate resource that facilitates development and review of content. Contact us to learn more.

Reference Repository

Most brands have a bibliography, but few identify preferred citations for every key concept. Reference Repository is a centralizing resource for internal and external team members. If you value streamlining activities, efficient and effective content review and approval processes, and communications consistency, contact us to establish a Reference Repository.

Clinical Communications Map

Team alignment is critical to brand success, but few single efforts achieve more than creating a visual map of key concepts, images, and citations that tell the story of a disease state and your role in improving care. Clinical Communications Map provides internal and external teams with a road map that helps keep core information and concepts top of mind. Contact us to learn more about this valuable tool.

Change Navigation

  • Conduct market, brand, and competitor assessments to predict and navigate change
  • Design and facilitate war game exercises
  • Lead scenario planning and hypothesis testing
EnAct Change Navigation

Market and competitor surveillance is standard, but its benefits can’t be fully realized without a methodical approach to insight interpretation. EnAct is a turnkey system for continual integration of emerging science, opinion, and competitor activity that includes a rigorous process, action plan, and stepwise approach to efficient insight incorporation and program customization. Contact us to discuss how EnAct can augment your success.

ProAct Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is a critical step in new product development, but often overlooked later in the lifecycle. SE3 Partners’ decades of marketing and opinion leader collaboration experience are the foundation of ProAct Scenario Planning; the proprietary, turnkey approach to proactive planning that anticipates clinical needs and brand opportunities. Contact us to incorporate ProAct into your marketing plan.

ReAct Response Kit

When issues arise, communications teams mobilize to manage public opinion. Sometimes that’s where it ends, without assessing the impact on marketing programs and leaving messages out of sync. The ReAct Response Kit provides a proactive mobilization plan for use in times of change. Contact us to equip your team with ReAct and be ready to evaluate impact and implement change.

Game On

How effectively do you anticipate competitor moves? How do competitive insights support brand optimization? GameOn provides the essential elements of successful preparation, design, and enaction of gaming exercises that support strategic brand decisions. Contact us to learn more about GameOn and how it can support your success.