Successful medical communications require continuous translation of complex scientific concepts into clinically-relevant information. Efforts that are grounded in brand strategy, include clear objectives, and are executed in a way that integrates across communication channels and uses audience-friendly language can be direct contributors to brand success, both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Often, traditional medical communications fail to support marketing effectiveness goals due to their complexity and tactical orientation. Advisory boards without a broader opinion leader plan tied to brand objectives, and tactics without metrics are common. But disjointed activities that are uncoupled from strategy work against brand success. At SE3 Partners, we help you cut through the detail to interpret the SCIENCE, establish the STRATEGY, and design the EDUCATION.


SE3 Partners immerses in current approaches to care, competing technology, and your brand. We work with you to understand the theoretical basis for brand differentiation, evidence for its success, and the collective experience supporting optimal use. From this foundation we explore prevailing clinical beliefs and behaviors and identify gaps uniquely fulfilled by your scientific advancements. This establishes the foundation for brand positioning, strategy, core concepts, and customized medical communications program design.


SE3 Partners works with your cross-disciplinary team and external thought leaders to articulate the clinical beliefs and behaviors supporting optimal brand utilization and then chart a direct course for achieving it. Using our proprietary strategic planning process and marketing expertise, obstacles are delineated and sub-strategies and channel-specific objectives are established to identify a clear roadmap for brand success.


While often viewed as a tactical niche within an unrestricted grant, SE3 Partners believes that true education is about communications that augment knowledge, change perceptions, create awareness, or establish new paradigms to support clinical effectiveness. We partner with you to drive optimal cross-channel education, branded and unbranded, via customized tactical designs that create a sustainable, clinician-focused learning experience. Formulating clear measurements to assess program effectiveness and establishing ongoing clinician dialogue allow customer needs to directly influence program design, leading to relevant, practice-enhancing initiatives that drive brand initiation and utilization.